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Healing Aspects of Water

I found myself in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia in hopes of some recharge and renewal. I arrived after sunset and the spas were all closed which meant no access to sitting in hot spring water.  The late December rain was cold and falling heavily  outside. I considered going outside to sit in the natural spring pools but I felt resistant to the cold December rain and feared the onset of a flu. I had  been in the natural springs before and knew that they pumped spring water from deep in the earth into a rock lined pool at a constant 74.3 degrees. Part of me was tired and not wanting the discomfort of going out in the cold rain into water, but I pushed myself out and soon was walking barefoot in my shorts through the rain.

I carefully climbed into a rocky pool and submerged myself into the water which only felt slightly cooler than the air. I found that if I stayed mostly submerged, that I could keep my body from shivering. As I settled  into the water, I felt the quietness and stillness. As my head came above water, I felt the cold raindrops on my head. As my body became still, my mind did as well, and I started to notice the subtle rain drops landing in the pool. I also felt the water pulsing against my leg where it exited from inside of the earth and rejoined the land. I reflected on being surrounded by water from below and above and how water is scarce In many places and arguably one of our most precious elements of earth. A sense of gratitude arose for being able to be in this water, even on a cold rainy night. 

 I crawled back out and walked barefoot through the cold December rain back to my hotel room. Once I warmed up, I could feel a change in my body after interacting with this spring water. My muscles felt the weight of gravity and my mind felt ready to sleep. This experience reminded and renewed my love for the natural world which I find is important for our spiritual, physical, and mental health. I am thankful for this experience that felt so mystical and tangibly healing and want to offer my thanks to water. What have been experiences in nature that you have felt grateful for? Reach out to me for mindfulness in nature instruction where these deep connection experiences can become more likely. 

Sending nature connection wishes for all,


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