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Nature Informed Attachment & Trauma Therapy Training

Exploring Biophilia in Healing Attachment and Trauma

About the Training


Welcome to the Nature Informed Attachment & Trauma Therapy Live Online Training, a groundbreaking program designed to transform therapeutic practices by harnessing our innate connection to the natural world. Led by the experienced Krista Bajgier, LCSW-C, MEd, this training delves into the heart of biophilia - the human affinity for nature - and its crucial role in developing secure attachments and healing trauma. This immersive program not only equips mental health professionals with innovative, nature-based tools and techniques but also deepens their understanding of the profound impact nature has on mental and emotional well-being. Join us on a journey that intertwines the soothing essence of the natural environment with the intricacies of attachment and trauma therapy, fostering a holistic approach to healing and personal growth.

Key Learning Objectives

1.    Understanding Nature's Role in Secure Attachment: Exploring how interaction with nature aids in addressing the five stages of secure attachment.

2.    Environmental Neuroscience and Attachment: Linking the neurobiology of attachment with environmental neuroscience.

3.    Attachment Styles and Nature: Analyzing client attachment styles and wounds through their relationship with nature.

4.    Nature-Inspired Clinical Interventions: Developing nature modifications for attachment-based clinical practices.

5.    Deepening Attachments: Crafting interventions aimed at strengthening clients' bonds with nature, the clinician, and themselves.

6.    Clinician's Eco-Transference: Assessing the clinician's own connection with nature as a co-therapist.

Curriculum Highlights

•    Nature as a Multisensory Experience: Discussing how nature engagement can reduce anxiety and sensory disorganization, enhance attention, and promote a calm state.

•    Cognitive Development and Emotional Regulation: How nature involvement improves sensory integration, emotional intelligence, and physical health.

•    Bringing the Outdoors In: Strategies for integrating natural elements into therapeutic settings, including natural lighting and animal-assisted therapy.

•    Venturing Outside: Emphasizing outdoor activities that foster attention, problem-solving, and creativity.

•    Inclusion in Nature: Creating inclusive green and blue spaces, accommodating diverse abilities and cultural backgrounds.

Upcoming Course

Course Date
8 Hours
Live Online
2 Spots Left!

Instructor Highlights

Krista Bajgier


Instructor Highlight: Krista Bajgier, LCSW-C, MEd

Leading our Nature Informed Attachment & Trauma Therapy Training is Krista Bajgier, an experienced clinical social worker and educator. Krista combines her deep connection to nature with her expertise in trauma-informed practices and mindfulness to offer a unique approach to therapy.

With a Master’s in Education and extensive experience in outdoor therapeutics, Krista excels in blending traditional therapeutic techniques with the healing aspects of nature. Her dynamic teaching style enriches the training program, offering participants a blend of academic rigor and experiential learning.

Join Krista for an enriching journey into nature-informed therapy, where you'll explore the interplay between nature, attachment, and trauma, and learn to apply these insights in your therapeutic practice.

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Logistics & Registration

Prepare to engage with nature and deepen your therapeutic skills on this one-day live online training.  Here's what participants need to know:


When: Friday, Apr 26 9 am - 5 pm

Where: Live Online

Cost: $180 per person

Scholarship Available: Limited need-based scholarship available.  Apply here.


CE Details 

Center for Nature Informed Therapy has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7473. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Center for Nature Informed Therapy is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs. Nature Informed Attachment & Trauma Therapy Training course will receive 6.5 NBCC credit hours. 


More About the Training

Additional Tools and Ethical Considerations

•    Principles of Attachment Theory: An in-depth look at attachment styles and stages.

•    Evidence of Nature-Based Attachment: Exploring biophilia, place attachment, and Mother Nature/Gaia theory.

•    Neurobiology of Attachment: Understanding the neurobiology behind healthy attachments and attachment wounds.

•    Environmental Neuroscience: Insights into neurobiophysiological responses to nature and current research gaps.

•    Attachment Therapies: Overview of various therapies like IFS, EMDR, DNMS, NARM, ABT.

•    NIT Interventions for Repairing Attachment Deficits: Applying nature-based assessments and interventions for attachment issues.

Interactive Components

•    Case Studies and Collaborative Exercises: Participants will engage in case studies and collaborative exercises, applying clinical skills focused on enhancing clients' intimacy with nature and themselves.

•    Nature-Based Assessments and Interventions: Hands-on learning of nature-based tools for assessing and addressing attachment issues.

Who Should Attend

This training is ideal for mental health professionals seeking to integrate nature-informed practices into their therapeutic approach, focusing on attachment and trauma therapy.

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