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The Clinical Director and founder of the Center for Nature Informed Therapy, Dr. Schreiber-Pan has dedicated her life to improving people’s mental health. Through nature informed research she has improved upon our understanding of nature’s ability to help individuals reduce anxiety and depression. Through public speaking, authorship, and curative events Dr. Heidi has pushed the boundaries of the mental health field.


Speaker Services:

The Role of Nature in Mental Health: 1-2 hour webinar or in-person seminar

How does a relationship with nature affect an individual’s experience of psychological well-being? Many people can identify with the notion of encountering peacefulness in nature and consequently experiencing nourishment and well-being. This workshop will review current research on the relationship between nature and mental health. In addition, attendees will learn how eco-separation has magnified current mental health challenges such as stress and anxiety. Lastly, this seminar will introduce you to the pioneering field of nature informed therapy or eco-therapy and conclude with five experimental invitations to sample nature therapy.

6-hour training intensive for mental health organizations

This course integrates nature connection with mindfulness and other resiliency practices to assist people with stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. The program includes guided relaxation, mostly mindfulness and breathing techniques, forest bathing invitations, therapeutic group conversations, and information about stress and stress reactions, a healthy lifestyle, as well as nature’s role in health and stress reduction. Participants report leaving the course with a newfound appreciation for the healing capacity of nature in addition to having better tools to manage mental health challenges.

Workshop on the following topics to introduce and equip mental health professionals and recovery specialist in effectively integrating nature into mental health treatment:  


  • Science of Mental Health and Resiliency 

    • Understanding the human stress reaction and nature’s ability to create calm in the nervous system 

    • Getting to know neuroscientific concepts that create a positive mindset

    • Creating a productive and balanced mind as we interact with the natural world

    • Acquiring tools that advance Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & human flourishing

  • Nature Based Mental Health 

    • Practical tools to aid in increasing human flourishing such as 

      • Eco identity assessment – understanding one’s connection to nature (Biophilia)

      • Mindfulness in nature as a way to manage inner turmoil 

      • meditation & nature visualization to reduce anxiety/stress 

      • distress tolerance in outdoor environments - a key emotional intelligence tool 

      • reconnecting and deepening human/nature relationship through healing of attachment bonding


"We arranged for Dr Heidi Schreiber-Pan to speak in our Munich office after reading her recent book, ‘Taming the Anxious Mind’, which we found lightweight but very readable, humorous and practical. Heidi is a wonderful speaker, knowledgeable, engaging and very caring about those she interacts and speaks with.  The session was well attended and the audience responded well to her heartfelt lecture which balanced scientific knowledge, real life examples and amusing anecdotes.  Most chose to wait at the end to be able to give their personal thanks, and we have since received a number of emails from patent examiners, lawyers and HR staff with further thanks and expressions of hope to see her again in the future."


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