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Weekend Retreats

Charitable Weekend Programs to Develop a Calming Mind Through Nature


Connection with nature has a profound healing effect on the physical and emotional health of human beings. These wilderness therapy retreats in Towson, Monkton, and Owings Mill are an opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level, get to know ourselves better, and develop a calm and alert mind. By doing this we can begin to live our lives with greater ease, clarity, and joy.


It's About The Connection

The Center of Nature Informed Therapy provides these wilderness retreats in Towson, Monkton, and Owings Mill, and all are welcome. Through mindful movement, meditation, and connection to the natural world, we experience a deeper connection to self, connection to spirituality, and connection to others

The Weekend is for people who:

  • Feel most alive and happy outdoors and who want to build a relationship with the natural world

  • Want to hit the reset button of daily life and experience a sense of groundedness

  • Feel lost on their current journey or have lost sight of their vision for their life

  • Are moving through a life transition 

  • Experience a lot of stress and anxiety and need the solace of nature to replenish

  • Are in the process of grieving and want the nurturing support of being in nature and community


  • Make a conscious choice to step out of your daily life and open to a new way of connecting with nature, with self, and with your spirituality.​

  • Connect with the beauty and peace around you through contemplative practices during your wilderness retreat in Towson, such as mindfulness, meditation, periods of silence and movement practices

  • Reflect on the effects of nature on your psychological well-being and spirituality

  • Connect with your fellow participants through small group sharing

  • Experience a campfire circle

  • Create a personal nature mosaic

  • Practice "letting go" in nature

  • Digital detox


  • Therapeutic Movement (Yoga or QiGong) to release stress and sync with the energy of the forest

  • Native American Council 

  • Nature Mandala

  • Nature Rituals

  • Meditation in Nature

  • Shin Rin Yoku (forest bathing)

  • Forest Therapy

  • Earthing 

  • Silence & Solitude Practice

  • Teachings on Nature Therapy

  • 5 Fresh, healthy vegetarian meals

  • 2 Nights Accommodations

All proceeds go to local conservation efforts!

What Past Participants Say

What a special weekend! I am in awe about how smoothly and nurturing the weekend was for me! I had some idea what to expect and the weekend exceeded my expectations!!

The whole weekend was perfect timing for my life's journey. I feel refreshed, enlightened and new! I've been sharing my experience with my dear friends who have been wondering what my weekend was like. Joy leaps out of me as I listen to myself explaining the "Peace in the Wilderness" weekend story. I'm full of smiles!

unnamed (2).jpg

I gave myself permission to step outside my comfort zone just enough to benefit from awesome personal growth. Receiving comfort from other fellow humans who feel the same anxiety as myself was very awesome.