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Trailblazer (Level 2)

Find one that works for you

  • Trailblazer(Level 2)

    Every month
    Monthly Billing
  • Trailblazer(Level 2)

    Every year
    Annual Billing for 2 Month Free!

Plan Benefits

  • Everything in Pathfinder, plus:

  • 1 monthly individual consultation with CNIT staff

  • Marketing Support for Your Nature Events/Programs

  • Press Release Assistance for Noteworthy Achievements

  • Access to the exclusive Trailblazer Curriculum (retreats, group outlines, trip logistics)

  • Complimentary attendance at NIT Professional Development events

  • 40% discounts on CNIT training and merchendise

Individual Consultation for Trailblzers

VT Trailblazer members will experience a more personalized and flexible approach to consultations. Emphasizing choice and specialization, we are excited to introduce an updated system that allows members to select from a diverse group of consultants, each an expert in their respective fields.


Choose Your Consultant

As a Trailblazer, you have the unique opportunity to choose the consultant who best aligns with your professional needs and areas of interest. Simply reach out directly to the consultant of your choice to schedule your monthly appointment. To ensure a focused and productive session, please complete the required consultation form prior to your meeting.

Our Expert Consultants

  • Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan: Specializing in anxiety and grief, Dr. Schreiber-Pan brings profound insights and therapeutic strategies to help you navigate these complex areas in your practice.

  • Gina Strauss:  An expert in working with children, families, and parenting challenges. Gina also offers valuable guidance on indoor and telehealth approaches.

  • Kris Bajgier:  Focused on trauma, Kris provides deep understanding and innovative strategies for effectively addressing trauma-related issues in therapeutic settings.

  • Morrison Pan: Specializing in business aspects of therapy practices, Morrison offers practical advice and strategies for growing and managing your therapeutic business effectively.

  • Renee Vanderstelt: An expert in children and art therapy, Renee combines creativity with therapeutic practice, offering unique approaches for engaging young clients.

Tailored Support for Your Growth

This enhanced consultation approach is designed to provide you with targeted support, helping you to refine your skills, broaden your expertise, and enhance your practice. Whether you’re dealing with complex client cases, seeking business development advice, or exploring new therapeutic techniques, our consultants are here to guide you every step of the way.

Embrace this opportunity to elevate your practice with the expert support of our VT Trailblazer program. Your journey towards professional excellence is just an appointment away!

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