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Nature Informed Therapy

Where Nature Meets Nurture: A New Approach to Mental Health

What is Nature Informed Therapy?

Nature Informed Therapy (NIT) is a pioneering therapeutic approach that harnesses the restorative power of the natural world within the framework of proven, evidence-based treatment modalities. Rooted in the principles of Ecotherapy, NIT is dedicated to mitigating the detrimental effects of

nature disconnection on human mental health, fostering the re-establishment of harmonious relationships with the environment, oneself, and others.

At the core of Nature Informed Therapy is the strategic integration of nature's multifaceted healing properties into recognized evidence-based practices, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). This incorporation is meticulously backed by empirical research and data, underscoring our commitment to delivering interventions that are not only innovative but are substantiated by scientific evidence.

NIT endeavors to reconnect individuals with the natural world through a diverse spectrum of nature engagements. These include but are not limited to, backpacking, hiking, 'walk and talk' therapy, nature-based mindfulness practices, horticultural activities, nature arts and crafts, and immersive nature retreats. Each of these interactions is carefully selected and tailored to address specific mental health concerns, such as anxiety management, PTSD, stress reduction, burnout, grief, ADHD, and overall individual well-being and life satisfaction, ensuring a holistic and impactful healing process.

By aligning cutting-edge research with practical application, Nature Informed Therapy stands at the forefront of mental health interventions, demonstrating a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between human well-being and the natural environment. It is through this evidence-based, data-driven practice that NIT offers a transformative pathway to healing, advocating for a life where balance, health, and ecological consciousness converge.


Despite being a relatively new field in therapeutic practice, the Center for Nature Informed Therapy (CNIT) remains steadfast in its commitment to an evidence-based and data-driven methodology. We continuously collect, measure, and analyze data from our therapy sessions and events, ensuring that our approach not only aligns with the latest scientific research but also evolves based on tangible outcomes and client feedback. This rigorous process allows us to refine and enhance our Nature Informed Therapy practices, guaranteeing the most effective and impactful interventions for our clients. By prioritizing empirical evidence and structured analysis, CNIT not only upholds the integrity of our therapeutic methods but also contributes to the broader understanding and acceptance of NIT within the mental health community.

Compare Nature-Based Therapies

Nature Informed Therapy
Wilderness Therapy
Forest Therapy
Anxiety, PTSD, stress, Burn-out, grief, ADHD, individual wellbeing, and life satisfaction
Pain management, PTSD, Stress, ADHD, and general wellbeing
Adolescent behaviors issues, juvenile delinquency, stress, PTSD, and substance abuse
Individual wellbeing, physical health benefit, anxiety, and stress
Common Applications
Wilderness, parks, green spaces, or indoor settings with nature elements
Wildness or semi-natural areas of nature
Wilderness or remote environemtn
Practice Location
People of all ages and all physical capabilities
People of all ages, minimum physical capability required
Youth, young adults, physically capable
People of all ages and all physical capabilities
Targeted People
Board-certified mental health professionals
Board-certified mental health professionals
Board-certified mental health professionals
No mental health training required
Helps professionals integrate the healing elements of nature into established, evidence-based treatment modalities
Ecological Aspect of Self. Process is Enhanced through Sensory Contact and Mindfulness
Outdoor activities that often include adventure, survival skills, and group bonding
Immerse self in a forest in a mindful way

Nature Informed Therapy FAQs

Is Nature Informed Therapy right for me?

Nature has many properties and Nature Informed Therapy integrates those healing elements into established, evidence-based treatment modalities. Nature Informed Therapy works great for people who are experiencing chronic stress, work-related burnout, anxiety, grief, relational difficulties, PTSD, ADHD, or even want to improve their individual wellbeing and life satisfaction. 

What's the process look like?

Your therapist will guide you through both a talk-based process as well as experiential practices to improve your mental health. Your sessions will look different depending upon your needs and goals. This can look like a "walk-and-talk" appointment where you and your therapist will have a traditional session while walking at a gentle pace in a natural setting.  Other sessions might involve guided meditation, nature art, or seeing natural elements and beings as symbols for our own challenges and changes.  Aspects of Nature Informed Therapy can be integrated into a traditional office visit as well. 

Where will the therapy sessions be conducted?

The outdoor sessions can be conducted in various nature settings in Towson, Owings Mills, Monkton, and Manchester. Some sessions (like the intake session) will be conducted indoors or online via telehealth.  Some of our outdoor office locations include Irvine Nature Center, Talmar at Cromwell Valley Park, Camp Puh'tok, Ladew Garden, and Kysing Croft Nature Center.

More questions?

Schedule Your First
Nature Informed Therapy Appointment

To schedule a first-time appointment with a certified Nature Informed therapist please click the button below to complete our HIPAA-compliant online intake form.  Our intake coordinator will contact you within 48 hours after the form's completion

Please contact our office at 410-567-1117 ext 1 or

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if you are unable to complete your registration. 

Our intake coordinator will take your information over the phone. 

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