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BritLift Recovery Center Clinical Staff during Nature Informed Therapy Training

The Impact of Nature Informed Therapy
for Recovery Center Clinical Staff

Empowering Recovery:

Discover the transformative effects of Nature Informed Therapy Training at BriteLife Recovery


In the vibrant realm of mental and emotional healing, the innovative approach of Nature Informed Therapy (NIT) stands out as a beacon of transformation and resilience. This comprehensive case study explores the groundbreaking collaboration between the Center for Nature Informed Therapy (CNIT) and BriteLife Recovery Center, illuminating the significant positive impacts of NIT on occupational wellness. Through a robust training program tailored for BriteLife’s clinical staff, initial measurements reveal a substantial enhancement in staff mental wellness and potential uplifting changes in patient care. Dive into the intricate journey, discovering the personalized experiences, detailed training methodologies, and the promising results that underscore the future integration of NIT in recovery treatment programs.

About the Partnership

The collaboration between the Center for Nature Informed Therapy (CNIT) and BriteLife Recovery Center stemmed from a profound understanding and insight by Chief Clinical Officer, Jenn Richards. Recognizing the root of many addiction cases as a loss of various connections – to the natural world, to others, and to oneself – Richards sought to empower her clinical staff with Nature Informed Therapy (NIT) training. This decisive step was driven by her belief in NIT’s potent ability to restore these vital connections, thus enhancing patient care profoundly. The early results of this partnership have been transformative, validating the immense promise of integrating NIT into BriteLife's comprehensive clinical approach, thereby uplifting both staff and patient well-being.

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Three years ago, I had the privilege of participating in a transformative pilot group therapy program, designed by my esteemed colleague, Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan, at her Center for Nature Informed Therapy. The personal and professional gifts I received from this intervention continue to influence my practice today. Fortuitously, BriteLife Recovery's beautiful, nature-rich campus became the ideal environment to implement the principles of Nature Informed Therapy (NIT). After a rewarding 2-day training led by Heidi and Zoe Jack, LCSW-C, several of our clinical staff embarked on further training in NIT. Their upcoming certifications will weave NIT into our holistic patient care approach, benefiting every department. 

Dr. Jenn Richards


Dr. Jenn Richards

Chief Clinical Officer

BriteLife Hannover Recovery Center

Program Overview

At the heart of BriteLife Recovery’s innovative approach to addiction recovery lies a pioneering partnership with the Center for Nature Informed Therapy. This collaboration reflects our collective belief in the healing power of nature and its essential role in holistic recovery. Led by the insightful direction of Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan, this initiative harnesses the therapeutic potentials of nature to mend and strengthen connections – with the self, others, and the natural world – that are often fractured in the throes of addiction.

The program begins with an intensive 3-day training session for our clinical staff, conducted by esteemed experts from the Center for Nature Informed Therapy, including its Director, Zoe Jack, LCSW-C. This foundational training is designed to immerse our team in the principles and practices of Nature Informed Therapy, equipping them with valuable tools and insights to enhance patient care and outcomes.

Following the initial training, selected staff members embark on a comprehensive journey to attain their Nature Informed Therapy certification. This process not only bolsters their professional expertise but also enriches their personal growth and understanding, ensuring that the care they provide is both informed and empathetic.

Incorporating Nature Informed Therapy into our clinical programming signifies a committed step towards a more integrative, empathetic, and effective recovery pathway for our patients. Our partnership with the Center for Nature Informed Therapy is not just a collaboration; it's a mutual mission to harness the enduring power of nature for holistic healing and enduring recovery.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, rekindling lost connections and fostering a harmonious path to recovery through the gentle embrace of nature. 

Results and Impact:
Profound Transformation and Enhanced Wellness

Result: Profound Transformation and Enhanced Wellness

The partnership between BriteLife Recovery and the Center for Nature Informed Therapy has successfully cultivated a nurturing environment for clinical staff to evolve both professionally and personally. This initiative has not only broadened the horizons of participating clinicians but has also provided them with the practical tools and approaches necessary for comprehensive patient care.

Impact #1: Reduction in Clinician Anxiety Levels

One of the most significant impacts of the program has been the marked reduction in anxiety levels among clinicians who underwent the training. According to the Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety (HAM-A), participants reported a notable decrease in anxiety levels post-training. This outcome highlights the effectiveness of Nature Informed Therapy in enhancing mental wellness among healthcare providers, ensuring they are at their optimum mental and emotional capacity to aid their patients.

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Impact #2: Enhanced Patient Care

While the second impact is still unfolding, early indicators suggest a positive correlation between clinician mental wellness and improved patient care. As clinicians fortify their own mental wellbeing, their enhanced stability and understanding contribute to a heightened quality of therapy provided to patients. This ripple effect stands as a testament to the holistic benefits of the Nature Informed Therapy training, promising a future of enhanced mental health care, anchored by clinicians who are themselves embodiments of mental and emotional wellness.

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