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Resources for Nature Informed Therapists

Get Outdoor Facilitator Insurance


When conducting outdoor therapy sessions away from your office locations, you may encounter risks that are not covered by your existing malpractice or general liability insurance. To obtain coverage for individual sessions or group activities in these circumstances, consider securing additional insurance. Alternative Balance is an insurance provider that the Center for Nature Informed Therapy (CNIT) recommends for such coverage.

The policy offered by Alternative Balance can cover incidents such as:

  • Participant dehydration;

  • Aggravated injuries, such as concussions or sprains, due to continued participation despite visible signs of injury;

  • Injuries resulting from accidents during travel to and from activities; and many more.

This coverage is applicable to various professions and activities, including:

  • Forest therapy guides,

  • Hiking guides,

  • Snowshoeing guides,

  • And more.

To sign up for this insurance, click the button below to visit the Alternative Balance website. Ensure that you add the Sports Coaching & Recreational Fitness premium service after signing up for the General Liability and Professional Insurance policy.

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