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A Premiere Training Course

Nature Informed Therapy Training: Integrating Nature Into Your Clinical Practice
Live 3-day program and 3-month online mentorship 

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About the 3-day In-person Training

Participants will receive an overview of significant research findings and learn how to assess a client for nature informed therapy. You will learn to choose appropriate locations for therapies like Outdoor Therapy Training, discover suitable therapeutic approaches, and master the practical elements of getting you and your clients into the natural world. ​Participants will receive a Starter Kit to launch your own nature informed therapy practice. The kit will include: - Informed consent for NIT - Sample Outdoor Waiver - Intake Form that includes ecological assessments - Important gear list  - Safety checklist - Sample statement/reading that speaks to ethical land use and acknowledges decolonization efforts  - Code of Outdoor Therapy Ethics  - A booklet with nature informed interventions, exercises, and activities  We offer the interest-free installment payment option. Please email to set up the installment option.  $100 of the charge is non-refundable, in order to reserve your spot with the venue.

About the 3-month Online Mentorship

The three month online component includes: a virtual, one-on-one meeting with a mentor for consultation purposes, once per month and a virtual meeting with a small group to discuss nature informed practice during various Ecotherapy Trainings and application of content and goals, once per month. The online piece will also consist of training videos, select reading materials and consequent assignments.  To become a certified Nature Informed Therapist, students must attend the 3-day live course and the 3-month online mentoring program. Certification is provided by the Center for Nature Informed Therapy and includes membership into our nationwide directory of nature informed therapists.  *To become a certified nature informed therapist with CNIT both the 3 day training and 3 month mentorship are required. Please note that you are required to attend all arranged individual and group meetings offered during the online segment of the certification. If you are unable to attend the scheduled small group meetings, you are responsible to arrange for an additional supervision meeting with one of our supervisors and pay the extra supervision fee of $80. Fall 2022 training: small groups will be held virtually December 2, January 6 2023, and February 3 2023 from 9-10:30am. The graduation ceremony will be held online March 3 from 9-9:45am Spring 2023 training: small groups will be held virtually May 5, June 2, and July 7 2023 from 9-10:30am. The graduation ceremony will be held online September 1 from 9-9:45am

Course Date
Early Bird Deadline
2023 Spring
Monkton, MD
2023 Fall
Monkton, MD
2024 Sping
Monkton, MD
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