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Nature Informed Therapy Training Certification Program

Training Course Description

The Nature Informed Therapy Training Certificate is a 2-part three-month training program for individuals who want to integrate nature into mental health counseling.

Part I: a 3-day intensive course


Part II: 3-month online mentorship 

Participants will receive an overview of significant findings in current scholarship, learn how to assess clients' fitness for ecotherapy, choose appropriate therapy locations, learn specific suitable therapeutic approaches, as well as the practical elements to get you and your clients into the natural world or make use of nature therapy indoors. 


Participants will receive a Starter Kit to launch your own nature informed therapy practice. The kit will include:

- Informed consent for NIT
- Sample Outdoor Waiver
- Intake Form that includes ecological assessments
- Important gear list 
Safety checklist
- Sample statement/reading that speaks to ethical land use and acknowledges decolonization efforts 
- Code of Outdoor Therapy Ethics 
- A booklet with nature informed interventions, exercises, and activities 
- Wilderness first aid pocket guide



Course Objectives

  • Working knowledge of current research in the field of nature informed therapy

  • Assess specific populations, diagnoses, and treatments goals 

  • Assess clients fit for ecotherapy

  • Evaluate appropriate locations and gears.

  • Administer an Ecological Wellness Checkup 

  • Describe Dr. Schreiber-Pan’s Ecological Model of Psychological Well-being 

  • Apply suitable therapeutic approaches 

  • Apply activities that use Metaphor, Ritual, and Ceremony 

  • Use nature-based interventions that inform treatment goals 

  • And many more...

Who Should Attend

  • Psychologists

  • Counselors

  • Social workers

  • Life Coaches

  • Wilderness professionals

  • Practitioners in the wellness and nature fields. 


  1.  Write your own nature autobiography

  2.  A Mental Health First Aid course is required for all non-mental health practioners.

Nature Therapy Mentorship & Consultation 

Small group mentorship to maximize learning and implementation over teh course of 3 months following the course.  It includes:

  •  A virtual, one-on-one meeting with a mentor for consultation purposes, once per month

  • A virtual meeting with a small group to discuss nature informed practice and application of content and goals, once per month.

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