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There have been numerous scientific studies that show the mental health benefit of hiking. Backpacking enhances those benefits even more. Getting away from the masses, being surrounded by the forest and experiencing full nature immersion can be a life-changing experience. Spending two nights in the wilderness and hiking miles of forest trail with a pack on is an immense confidence booster. However, it’s wise to embark on such a journey in the company of experienced, first-aid trained therapists who will keep you safe, and ensure your personal growth through mind, body and spirit connection to self, others and the more-than-human world. Say “yes” to being transformed, with our adventure therapy program for adults in Towson, Monkton, and Owings Mills. If you have fears and worries about being in the wilderness, that’s part of the adventure. You will be invited to a phone conversation to walk through all the details and process any fears.  ​ If you are interested in learning more about our adventure therapy programs for adults in Mid Atlantic Region, contact the Center of Nature Informed Therapy today!

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Why Backpacking?!

“Backpacking is an activity that strips you down to what it means to be a human fundamentally. You are an alive (and likely smelly!) creature moving and breathing, dependent on the goodness and tribulations of the world around you. In this open state, nature and other humans get a closer seat to your soul - you are able to feel so much more than you ever thought possible, and remember once again what you might have learned over years of 'the same' to forget." ​ ​ "I can't wait to get back in the forest and go backpacking! My experience backpacking and being in nature is healing and brings peace to my soul. My spiritual side awakens, as I watch in awe how everything works together to create balance. It helps clear my head and stimulates my senses. Everyone working together towards one common goal builds a sense of community. In some way, my experience backpacking is like conquering myself. It is a transformative experience that brings about a feeling of empowerment and rejuvenation upon returning to everyday life." ​ "To me backpacking is a way of completely unplugging and resetting myself. Back to simplicity and what really matters. It' a way of cleaning house for my cluttered, overused brain". On top of things, it reconnects me with the essence of my spirituality." ​ ​ "To me backpacking is a way of completely unplugging and resetting myself. Back to simplicity and what really matters. It's a way of cleaning house for my cluttered, overused brain. On top of things, it reconnects me with the essence of my spirituality." ​ ​ "Backpacking allows me an opportunity to quiet my mind, allow my soul to feel restored....allowing myself the space to put away my cell phone, email, and the like allows me to be present. Even though I'm focused on tackling mile and after mile, each step into the forest gently creates a stillness within me. Carrying the gear that I NEED helps me to remember what the essentials of life are comprised of and everything else that's....extra." ​ ​

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Backpacking for mental health and welbeing

September 6, 2024

Intro to Backpacking for Mental Health & Wellbeing

Immersive nature experiences have been shown to increase creativity and “clean off the mental windshield.” Join our team of expert therapists and outdoor leaders on a two night backpacking trip full of tools to assist you in connecting with the natural world around you and increasing self awareness, all in the company of a supportive community.



“This was my first experience with backpacking and my first experience with a wellness type of retreat. Honestly, I could not have asked for a better experience."

2022 Fall

"I was not expecting the sense of community that our leaders and participants created in such a short amount of time. The mindfulness activities and journaling were boosted by the stories we shared with each other as we hiked. It was beautiful. While it was not designed to be all woman, I was very glad it was. It felt very safe to me. I can't name a single thorn."

2022 Fall

"Meeting wonderful strong ladies with common interests, sharing stories and learning from each others; building a supportive community and adding to my toolbox of self-care."

2022 Fall

"Gear I rented seemed top notch - I was warm and comfortable, pack held what I needed; gathering around a fire each evening was wonderful - there's just something about a fire.... - good people to spend the weekend with - no judgment, warm and welcoming from the start."

2022 Fall

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