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Individual Consultation for Nature Informed Therapy Certification Trainees

Our Individual Consultation service offers personalized guidance and support for mental health professionals enrolled in the Nature Informed Therapy Certification Training program. This one-on-one consultation is designed to help you deepen your understanding of nature-informed therapy principles, enhance your therapeutic skills, and integrate the power of nature into your professional practice.

During your individual consultation, our experienced and certified nature-informed therapists will work closely with you to:

  1. Review and discuss your progress and growth within the certification training program.

  2. Offer insights and feedback on your application of nature-informed therapy techniques in your clinical practice.

  3. Identify areas for improvement and provide tailored recommendations to strengthen your therapeutic approach.

  4. Address any questions, concerns, or challenges you may face while incorporating nature-informed therapy into your practice.

  5. Explore ways to nurture your personal connection with nature, fostering self-care and well-being as a mental health professional.


Our Individual Consultation service aims to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where you can gain valuable insights, cultivate professional growth, and confidently embrace the transformative power of nature in your mental health practice.

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