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Training & Certification

A Transformative Training Course

Nature Informed Therapy Training: Integrating Nature Into Your Clinical Practice
A live 3-day in-person program with a certification option 

About Nature Informed Therapy Certification Training

Envision a clinical practice that partners with the natural world to foster health and healing in humans. This program is designed to empower mental health professionals with the skills and knowledge to effectively integrate nature into therapy sessions, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you're seeking to enrich your existing clinical toolbox with nature-inspired tools or to fully align your practice with the more-than-human world, our nationwide community of nature-informed therapists is the perfect fit for you.

The journey to becoming a certified nature-informed therapist comprises two stages. The initial stage consists of a 3-day in-person training, followed by a 3-month online mentorship program that encompasses individual and small group consultations. Join us in embracing the healing power of nature and elevating your therapeutic practice to new heights.

About the 3-day In-person Training

In the 3-day in-person training program, participants will receive an overview of significant research findings and learn how to assess a client for Nature Informed Therapy. You will learn to choose appropriate locations for therapies like Outdoor Therapy Training, discover suitable therapeutic approaches, and master the practical elements of getting you and your clients into the natural world.

​Training highlights include:
1.    Theoretical foundations: Gain an in-depth understanding of the principles and research underpinning nature-informed therapy, including the biophilia hypothesis, attention restoration theory, and stress reduction theory.
2.    Assessment and intervention tools: Learn to assess clients' nature connectedness and design personalized, nature-based interventions tailored to their specific needs and goals.
3.    Practical exercises: Discover an array of therapeutic activities and exercises that can be adapted for individual, group, or family therapy settings, such as forest bathing, mindfulness in nature, and eco-art therapy.
4.    Case studies: Explore real-life examples of successful nature-informed interventions, illustrating how clinicians have effectively integrated nature into their practice to promote mental health and well-being.
5.    Ethical considerations: Understand the ethical implications of nature-informed therapy and how to navigate the unique challenges that may arise when working with clients in natural settings.


Participants will receive a Starter Kit to launch their own Nature Informed Therapy practice. The kit will include:

- Informed consent for NIT
- Sample Outdoor Waiver
- Intake Form that includes ecological assessments
- Important gear list 
- Safety checklist
- Sample statement/reading that speaks to ethical land use and acknowledges decolonization efforts 
- Code of Outdoor Therapy Ethics 



Training Outcomes

By the end of the Nature Informed Therapy Training three-day intensive, participants will be able to:​


  • Summarize current research in the field of Nature Informed mental health


  • Assess specific populations, diagnoses, and treatment goals (loneliness, grief, etc.) that are well suited for nature informed therapy 


  • Assess client's fit for nature informed therapy, including understanding how a client's nature autobiography and genealogy influence their relationship to nature 


  • Evaluate appropriate locations for nature informed therapy and how to prepare for sessions, including safety considerations, appropriate gear, etc. 


  • Administer an Ecological History Assessment and Ecological Wellness Evaluation for a new or existing client


  • Apply suitable nature informed therapeutic approaches and interventions based on a client's treatment goals


  • Perform an effective risk assessment of environment during therapies set in outdoors like Wilderness therapy training 


  • Integrate ethical and legal considerations specific to nature informed work into the practice of nature informed therapy  


  • Apply activities that use metaphor, ritual, and ceremony 


  • Describe how considerations of race, culture, ethnicity and gender influence a client's relationship to nature and how a therapist uses this understanding to inform appropriate nature informed therapy interventions


  • Describe how Attachment Theory & Inter(personal) Neurobiology are ways of calming the nervous system and encouraging nature bonding

About the 3-month Online Mentorship

The three-month online component includes three virtual, one-on-one meetings with a mentor for consultation purposes, once per month.  Plus three virtual meetings with a small group to discuss Nature Informed practice during various Ecotherapy Trainings and application of content and goals, once per month. The online piece will also consist of training videos, select reading materials, and consequent assignments. 

To become a certified Nature Informed Therapist*, students must attend the 3-day live course and the 3-month online mentoring program. Certification is provided by the Center for Nature Informed Therapy and includes membership in our nationwide directory of Nature Informed Therapists. 

*Please note that you are required to attend all arranged individual and group meetings offered during the online segment of the certification. If you are unable to attend the scheduled small group meetings, you are responsible to arrange for an additional consultation meeting with one of our consultants and pay the extra consultation fee of $80. If an individual consultation is canceled within 48 hours or is a no-show, there is a $60 cancellation fee

Future Course Dates

Course Date
Early Bird Deadline
Early Bird Code
2023 Fall
Monkton, MD
5 spot left
2024 Spring
Monkton, MD
2024 Summer
Towson, MD
2024 Fall
Monkton, MD

Lodging Options for Out-of-Towners


  • Experience convenience and camaraderie

  • Equipped with heating and cooling

  • Sleep up to four individuals per cabin.

  • Bring your own sleeping bag

  • Opportunity to network and build relationships with like-minded peers

Staying up to three nights for just

$30 per night


  • Set up your own gear under the stars

  • Optional gear rental available (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag)

  • Convenience of nearby cabin bathrooms.

  • Unique bonding experience with nature and connection with your fellow trainees

Camping: Free

Gear Rental: $40

About the course

Program Instructors

Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan


Cert Heidi.png
Heidi Schreiber-Pan, Ph.D., LCPC, NCC is a successful psychotherapist, author, clinical director and sought-after nationwide speaker on topics of resilience, anxiety, neuroscience, and occupational burnout. As an affiliate and former faculty member of Loyola University, Maryland, her past research has focused on resiliency, psychological well-being, and nature-based mental health.  Dr. Schreiber-Pan has developed unique continuing education courses that combine established clinical methods such as CBT with innovative treatment approaches including nature-based psychotherapy and neuro-counseling.  Her largest research project investigated the role of nature on mental health and spirituality. She is the author of Taming the Anxious Mind: A guidebook to relieve stress and anxiety.  ​ In 2021 Dr. Heidi became a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School

Zoe Jack


Cert Heidi.png
Zoe Jack is the Director of Operations at the Center for Nature Informed Therapy and is a licensed psychotherapist at Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative. She specializes in nature informed and client centered work with children, adolescents, and adults. As a former wilderness therapy field guide in Utah and a behavior interventionist at a trauma informed school in Vermont, Zoe incorporates the teachings of the natural world into her treatment approach with individuals and groups. Zoe holds her Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland.

Anne Contee


Cert Heidi.png
Anne has completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Loyola University’s, along with her Master's in Business from Bowie State University. She provides professional counseling services, integrating a holistic approach which emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

More Information About The Training

Course Objectives

  • Working knowledge of current research in the field of nature informed therapy

  • Assess specific populations, diagnoses, and treatments goals 

  • Assess clients fit for nature informed therapy

  • Evaluate appropriate locations and gears.

  • Administer an Ecological Wellness Checkup 

  • Describe Dr. Schreiber-Pan’s Ecological Model of Psychological Well-being 

  • Apply suitable therapeutic approaches 

  • Apply activities that use Metaphor, Ritual, and Ceremony 

  • Use nature-based interventions that inform treatment goals 

  • And many more...

Who Should Attend

  • Psychologists

  • Counselors

  • Social Workers

  • Life Coaches*

  • Wilderness professionals*

  • Practitioners in the wellness and nature fields *

* Non-mental health professionals do not attend the 3-month mentorship program


1. Write your own nature autobiography

2. Assigned readings / film

3. A Mental Health First Aid course is required for all non-mental health practitioners.



“Hands down, the best, most inspiring, training I have attended in my 25 years as a social worker. I am, today, the very next day impactfully using the strategies and concepts that I learned in this training to help my clients. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” 


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  • 3-Day in-person course only for non-mental health professionals

    Starts Nov 13

    960 US dollars

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  • 2023 Fall, 3-day in-person plus 3-month online consultation

    Starts Nov 13

    1,600 US dollars

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  • 3-Day in-person course only

    Starts Mar 26, 2024

    960 US dollars

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  • Spring 2024, 3-day in-person plus 3-month online consultation

    Starts Mar 26, 2024

    1,600 US dollars

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  • 3-Day in-person course only

    Starts Jun 7, 2024

    960 US dollars

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  • 3-day in-person plus 3-month online consultation

    Starts Jun 7, 2024

    1,600 US dollars

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  • 3-Day in-person course only

    Starts Sep 10, 2024

    960 US dollars

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  • 3-day in-person plus 3-month online consultation

    Starts Sep 10, 2024

    1,600 US dollars

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CE Details

Attendees who complete the three day live program, the course evaluation, and the three month online mentorship will become a certified Nature Informed Therapist and be listed in our directory.

Nature Informed Therapy Training: Integrating Nature into Your Clinical Practice Live 3-Day Program has
been approved by NBCC for NBCC credit. Center for Nature Informed Therapy is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. NBCC Approval No. SP-4152.    NBCC clock hours earned: 19.5. 


Nature Informed Therapy Training: Integrating Nature into Your Clinical Practice, Course  #3798, is approved by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) and is an Approved Continuing  Education (ACE) program offered by Center for Nature Informed Therapy as an individual course. Individual courses, not providers, are approved at the course level. State and Provincial regulatory boards have the final authority to determine whether an individual course may be accepted for continuing education credit. ACE course approval period:  03/31/2022 - 03/31/2024. 

The Center for Nature Informed Therapy is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. 


Interest Free Payment Plan

We offer an interest-free payment plan.  You have an option to request to pay the tuition in 3 separate payments without any fee or interest.  Just email us your request with the course date that you intend to attend.  We will register you manually and send you 3 separate invoices with the due dates one month apart. 

Paymn Plan

Training Gallary

Questions about the training?

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Cancellation Policy:

Our event tuition (less the deposit) is fully refundable prior to 90 days before the three-day intensive start date. After this, 50% refunds are available until 45 days before the start of the training program. Due to the policies of our location partners, tuition is non-refundable after that 45-day mark. 

Review and Resolution of Complaints

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