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Center for Nature Informed Therapy (CNIT), a division of Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative,

is a community of mental health professionals including social workers, professional counselors, psychologists, and mindfulness practitioners who have dedicated their professional lives to the advancement of nature informed mental health work.

Human. Nature. Healing.

Our Mission:

A Mental health focused community that assists people

in cultivating a healing reconnection with

the natural world.

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We Envision:

A future where a reciprocal relationship with nature will restore the mental health of all people and create deeper connection to self, others and our spirituality.

We Believe:




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What We Do:

We use clinically sound and

evidence-based approaches to

 alleviate mental health distress

through intentional interactions with

the natural world.

From individual therapy to

outdoor group experiences,

to social justice initiatives,

mental health certification and

our ever-expanding offering of

courses, retreats, and programs,

we strive to support

human-nature healing.

We serve anyone who desires

mental well-being, connection,

and a deep relationship with

the natural world.

learn more about

Nature Informed Therapy

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