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Venture Trails Program

Take Your Nature Informed Therapy Practice
to New Heights

Welcome to the Venture Trails (VT) program, a specialized support system designed for therapists and other healing professionals who have graduated from our Nature Informed Therapy training and are seeking further guidance. With two distinct levels of engagement, Pathfinder and Trailblazer, you can choose the path that best suits your professional development needs. 

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Pathfinder (Level 1)

$49/month (Billed Monthly), or
$490/year (Billed annually, 2 Months Free!)

Pathfinder membership includes:

  • Access to the comprehensive Pathfinder Resource Library

  • A virtual or hard copy of the NIT Field Guide (included in the initial month of membership)

  • A monthly group NIT consultation

  • Attendance at quarterly What's New in NIT town halls (*see dates below)


Trailblazer (Level 2)

$199/month (Billed Monthly), or
$1990/year (Billed annually, 2 Months Free!)

Trailblazer membership includes

  • Everything in Pathfinder, plus:

  • 1 monthly individual NIT consultation with CNIT staff

  • Access to the exclusive Trailblazer Curriculum (retreats, group outlines, trip logistics)

  • Complimentary attendance at NIT Professional Development events

  • Discounts on level two training and other CNIT items

The Center for Nature Informed Therapy (CNIT) primarily reserves access to the Venture Trail (VT) program for graduates of our Nature Informed Therapy training program. This ensures a consistent level of expertise and understanding among our members. However, we recognize that there are seasoned professionals who, through their experiences and previous studies, have acquired a deep understanding of Nature Informed Therapy (NIT). For such individuals, we offer a pre-approval process. If you believe you have a comprehensive grasp of NIT principles and practices, you can apply for a review. Upon successful evaluation, you may bypass the initial training and gain direct access to the VT program, joining a community of like-minded professionals committed to advancing Nature Informed Therapy. To apply to bypass the training, please submit our VT Program Pre-Approval Form.


Important Dates:

Quarterly What's New in NIT Townhalls (led by Heidi):

  • July 14, 12-1 pm

  • October 20, 12-1 pm

  • January 12, 12-1 pm

VT Program Group Consultation

  • Third Friday of the month from 12-1pm, beginning May 19th

Join Us

Don't miss this opportunity to advance your Nature Informed Therapy practice and build a supportive professional community.  Register for the Venture Trails program today by clicking the button below.

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