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Train Yourself as a Nature Informed Therapist

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Welcome to Maryland's premiere nature based therapeutic training for therapists! The training is offered over a 3 month period, beginning with a 3-day intensive at a local nature center (very fitting). The course is led by professional counselors verified by the Maryland board, who have years of experience in the field taking their clients out into nature.

The online potion of the training includes mentorship and supervision sessions along with small group peer meetings.

Every counselor attending will gain an understanding of the newest research in nature-informed mental health. You will experience what it's like to access a client for ecotherapy and how to meaningfully engage them while in nature. Get help choosing the best locations, and the practical elements for your sessions.

By the end of the course, you can expect to:

  1. Have a comprehensive understanding of cutting edge knowledge of wilderness therapy.

  2. Have an edge on the most cutting-edge research in the field of how nature and the wild interacts with mental health treatment

  3. Assess specific populations, diagnoses, and treatments goals

  4. Evaluate clients and location for ecotherapy

  5. Administer an Ecological Wellness Checkup

  6. Suitable therapeutic approaches

  7. Unique activities, rituals, metaphors and ceremonies

  8. Use nature-based interventions that inform treatment goals

And more!

After completing the training each therapist will receive their CEU credits from the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors, a verifiable digital certificate and a badge.

In addition to the skills gained and certificates earned, participants will also find themselves formed a deep bond with a community of like-minded fellow Nature Informed therapists.

Here are a few examples of what the past graduates are saying about the certification program.

Hands down, the best, most inspiring, training I have attended in my 25 years as a social worker. I am, today, the very next day impactfully using the strategies and concepts that I learned in this training to help my clients. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I found the pace and variety of activities to be excellent. The discussions were meaningful and pertinent and moving indoors and outdoors was very helpful to keep my focus. I particularly like the research presented to connect theory with practice and give support for the effectiveness of NIT. I loved the practical tips and exercises as well as the chance to put everything into practice with another participant. Very well done!!”

“The training was amazing! Unlike regular training where you're seated in a classroom from 9-5, this training had a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities that really made things interesting and fun. We got to learn about how to use nature as a co-therapist and how to help the client gain metaphors from nature that lead to healing. The setting was really beautiful at Camp Puh'tok and we learned how to do mindfulness in nature and how to guide our clients ourselves. We also got to learn about real-life case examples of clients who have benefitted from nature therapy, after struggling with talk therapy. They also covered how to work with different age groups and marginalized communities. We left with lots of tools that we can start using immediately, and I can confidently say that I feel prepared to offer nature therapy to my clients right now. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in having another option to offer your clients”

“It was a wonderful training. If you are unsure about taking clients outdoors, this training can help incorporate nature and mindfulness indoors as well. It was refreshing to spend 3 days at beautiful PuhTok. In addition to the research behind Nature Informed Therapy and the practical tools for facilitating, the training also provided us with all the forms and exercises electronically. I always appreciate this because I misplace most paper documents. Also, unlike other trainings, you really have an opportunity to get to know other participants through the experiential exercises.”

“It went so perfectly - the pacing, the setting, the practical tools, the theory and research behind the treatment, the connection to spirituality, the camaraderie of the group/instructors, and so much more. As a new clinician, I felt very supported and I am ready to step outside of my office with my clients.”

Learn more and register for the course at the course page. Please email with any questions.

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