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A Note From Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan

Welcome to the Center for Nature Informed Therapy. Nature informed therapy is a form of clinical counseling that integrates the healing properties of the natural world into mental health treatment. 

We believe in the ability of nature to transform and renew people’s well-being. 

Our counselors and coaches have explored the health effects of being in nature and found that people benefit tremendously from having a close connection with the more-than-human world.

We all become better human beings when we encounter nature in an intimate way.




To all those who supported us this weekend at our grand opening event! 

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Everything We Offer




From individual therapy to group retreats, The Center for Nature Informed Therapy offers integrative experiential exercises and nature-based strategies to improve emotional wellness, reach treatment goals and essentially get out of the head and back into your life. Suitable mental health goals include reduction of stress and anxiety, processing of grief and loss, coping with life transitions, reduction of mild-to-moderate depression and relationship enhancement.

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Give the Gift of Nature

Most of CMHC's nature programs are not covered by insurance.  To provide access to anyone who desires to explore peace through the power of nature, please consider donating to CMHC Nature Programs Scholarship Fund