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"Nature heals,

nature is everywhere,

and nature is for everyone"

- Dr. Heid Schreiber-Pan

Founder, Center for Nature Informed Therapy

What is Nature Informed Therapy?

Is it right for me?

Nature-informed therapy practices are an excellent resource for you if you are experiencing chronic stress, work-related burnout, anxiety, grief, relational difficulties, or even want to improve your relationship with the outdoors! 

What's the process?

Your therapist will guide you through both a talk-based process as well as experiential practices to improve your mental health. Your sessions will look different depending upon your needs and goals. This can look like a "walk-and-talk" appointment where you and your therapist will have a traditional session while walking at a gentle pace in a natural setting. Your session may also involve sitting in camping chairs in a local park or natural area or a combination of the two. Aspects of NIT can be integrated into a traditional office visit as well. The Center of Informed Nature Therapy in Towson specializes in CAM, ecotherapy, clinical counseling, and more to help individuals throughout Monkton and Owings Mills reconnect with the earth and improve their mental health.

How does it work?

Our Towson based nature therapy programs draw from well-researched and evidence based principles such as mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-evolutionary concepts, attention restoration theory, attachment theory, and psycho-spiritual concepts.


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TALMAR logo FINAL PROOF--19 May 2019 (1)

Acknowledgment of our Privilege as Benefactors of the colonialization of the U.S. we Acknowledge our Social Location and Privilege. 

We recognize that we live, work and play on the traditional lands of the Piscataway, Nanticoke and Susquehannock. It is important for us to honor this reality. 

We recognize that the Western nature and mindfulness practices we offer have origins in the North American and Asian traditional practices. We commit to honoring the wisdom, resilience, and guidance of these communities and of people most impacted by systems of oppression. 


Our nature therapy retreats, groups, and trips in Towson, Monkton, and Owings Mills are not covered by insurance. To provide access to anyone in our community who desires to explore peace through nature, please consider donating to our Nature Scholarship Fund. 

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