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Mental health expert advocates for nature and mental wellbeing in Maryland General Assembly


Feb 23, 2022

Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan testify in Maryland House and Senate in support of the constitutional amendment for Environmental Human Rights HB596/SB783

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND, USA, February 23, 2022 / -- Annapolis, Maryland (February 23, 2022) – Today, the Maryland House Subcommittee on Environment & Transportation will hold a hearing on Constitutional Amendment for Environmental Human Rights HB596/SB783. The committee has requested testimony in support of the amendment from Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan, Executive Director of Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative, and founder of Center for Nature Informed Therapy.

In her testimony, Dr. Schreiber-Pan has stated her full support for the Amendment by arguing that the mental health of our communities is negatively impacted by the lack of healthy green and blue spaces. Anxiety, depression, and violence impact our lives in big and small ways every single day. Individuals’ mental health needs must be taken into consideration as we create new laws and policies. Healthy outdoor spaces have the power to transform our hurting communities in a formidable way: a wholesome relationship to the natural world will give rise to healthy neighborhoods and our society as a whole.

“Nature heals and Nature is everywhere,” said Dr. Schreiber-Pan. “But people need equal access to Nature. In my clinical practice, my expertise lies within the treatment of anxiety and stress disorders, which I have found are frequently a direct response to an over-stimulated mind. Green spaces provide a strong protective factor against stress-related issues due to the restorative qualities of the natural world.”

“It has been extremely difficult for our therapists to bring our clients into State and County parks to conduct group activity or individual therapy due to different rules and regulations.” Dr. Schreiber-Pan added. “I hope the Amendment will be the first step for State and County government working closely with mental health industry to allow greater access to the green and blue space. This will help us to restore our relationship with the natural world, our relationship with each other, and our relationship with ourselves. In turn, the community will have much greater mental well-being.

About Center for Nature Informed Therapy

The Center for Nature Informed Therapy (CNIT) is a clinical mental health organization that specializes in integrating the natural world into psychotherapy through nature informed counseling and group programs. As a division of Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative, CNIT offers programs ranging from walk & talk sessions, wilderness retreats, nature immersion backpacking trips, to certification programs for mental health professionals. For more information about the Center for Nature Informed Therapy, visit its website at

About Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan

Heidi Schreiber-Pan, Ph.D., LCPC, is a successful psychotherapist, the Executive Director of Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative and founder of Center for Nature Informed Therapy, a sought-after international speaker and trainer. She is also the author of the popular book Taming the Anxious Mind – A Guidebook to Relieve Stress & Anxiety.

Heidi lectures, consults, and trains professionals in the mental health sector and in corporate and public settings on anxiety, stress, resilience and nature, neuroscience, and occupational burnout. Her work focuses on how to restore our relationship with nature to improve and sustain our mental well-being.

To Read Dr. Schreiber-Pan’s Full Testimony

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