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CMHC Urban Healing Green Space Initiative

Transforming Urban Spaces into Sanctuaries of Healing


The Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative (CMHC) is reimagining its urban complex into a healing green space to support individuals in reconnecting with nature. Addressing the need for accessible green spaces, this initiative aims to serve as a model for integrating nature into mental health care in urban settings.

Our Role:

  • Designing Healing Spaces: Creating a variety of therapeutic outdoor areas, including a cultivated garden for group activities, a sensory-focused water feature, and private nature spots for mindfulness practices.

  • Sustainable Practices: Implementing environmental-friendly features like solar carports, rainwater collection, and compost bins.

  • Indoor Integration: Renovating indoor spaces to reflect the outside natural setting, enhancing the overall therapeutic environment.


By offering a blueprint for urban green spaces dedicated to mental health, the CMHC initiative showcases the potential for nature-based healing in city environments, promoting well-being, connection, and environmental stewardship.

Power in Numbers

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Project Location

Towson, MD, USA

Project Partners

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