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Self-Care OUTSIDE the Box




Feb 2, 2024


4 Weeks


12:00 PM - 12:30 PM



About the Program

Self-Care OUTSIDE the Box

A transformative workshop that will flip your self-care upside down & inside out

Are you a people pleaser? A nurturer, caregiver, or healer? Could your "spirit animal" be considered the chameleon--that is, you blend in with what others need but may feel increasing resentment, lack of direction, or burnout as a result? Imagine what it would feel like to prioritize yourself again...

Get ready to turn your self-care upside down and inside out with this bite-sized, power packed, 4 week online series! Designed especially for those who might be “people pleasers,” are healers/nurturers/caregivers, have a loud inner critic, or feel like they’re layering self-care onto a never-ending to-do list and need a different approach. We’ll “unpack” the box as I share with you the top tips and action steps for making your self-care restorative and truly transformative. I am thrilled to share this fun and evidence-based series with you! Register for all 4 sessions to get the most comprehensive toolbox to transform your self-care. This is a donation-based online event (suggested donation $15-20/session). You will receive a link to join each session following registration, as well as a customizable self-care plan to guide your new and improved self-care practice!

Here's what you can look forward to each week:

Week One- Feb 2, 2024:

Stop “doing” self-care! Learn and shift common misconceptions to unlock the true potential of this wellness superpower.

Week Two- Feb 9, 2024:

Secret tools beneath the surface:

Learn often overlooked tools to shift your relationship with “me time” from guilt to glory.

Week Three- Feb 16, 2024:

Boundaries, did we just become BFFs? Learn how setting and keeping boundaries will calm your inner critic, transforming your experience of yourself and others.

Week Four- Feb 23, 2024:

Self-care makeover! Put all the pieces of the self-care puzzle together. Leave with an actionable plan for sustainably implementing true self-care.

Your Instructor

Lauren Bathgate, LCSW-C

Lauren Bathgate, LCSW-C

Lauren is the founder of Guided in Nature LLC as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist, and Certified Nature Informed Therapist. Her passion lies at the intersection of perinatal/parental mental health and nature therapy, because she has witnessed the magic that happens there. In addition to this specialty, she thoroughly enjoys walking alongside those who may consider themselves "people pleasers" or nurturers, regardless of parental status. Lauren is eager to share valuable mental health and wellbeing insights in a digestible and approachable way.

Lauren Bathgate, LCSW-C
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