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Nature Informed Mental Health and Wellness



Nature Informed Mental Health and Wellness (NIMHW) is a six-week program offered in Towson, Monkton, and Owings Mills that integrates nature connection with mindfulness and other resiliency practices to assist people with stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

The program includes guided relaxation, mostly mindfulness and breathing techniques, forest bathing invitations, therapeutic group conversations, information about stress and stress reactions, a healthy lifestyle, as well as nature’s role in health and stress reduction. Participants report leaving the course with a newfound appreciation for the healing capacity of nature in addition to having better tools to manage mental health challenges.

“In two years of working together, I have never seen my client light up as much as she did when she would discuss her experience in the 6 week NBSR program. Not only did it provide an opportunity for her to be in nature on a weekly basis, it gave her the opportunity to be with other like-minded individuals and practice forming meaningful connections. I am excited to see what other resources she might be open to exploring after having such a positive experience with NBSR and we will definitely continue to emphasize nature as “co-therapist” in the rest of our work together!”


- Kate Gerwin, MS, LCPC, NCC


Length: 6 sessions (each is 90 Minutes in length)

Cost: $165

What to expect:

  • Lecture

  • Planty exercises

  • Group and individual activities

  • Group discussion

  • Some homeworks

Next offering: Fall 2022

Towson Location: Talmar, 1994 Cromwell Bridge Rd, Towson MD

Owing Mill Location: 11201 Garrison Forest Rd, Owings Mills

Monkton Location: 17433 Big Falls Rd #1121, Monkton

Parkton Location: 19601 Gunpowder Rd, Manchester