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Mindfulness Hikes & Walks 

The Mindfulness in Nature Sessions are an opportunity for participants learn the practice of mindfulness with Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Phillip McKnight. These hour long sessions invite participants to pause often, to bring full attention to their senses and connect with the present moment. Often, participants notice an increase in relaxation, calmed mind and body, and feeling of being recharged. As participants are invited to bring their attention to the natural world, many notice an interest and curiosity in the natural world that will serve them long after the session as study after study point to the healing impacts of intentionally connecting with nature. Come join Phillip for a one on one, small group, or large group mindfulness in nature session.

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Reduces Stress

Increases Energy

Helps Control Thoughts

Helps Reverse Heart Disease

Reduces Pain and Enhances the Bodies Immune System.

Reduces of Feelings of Depression, Anxiety, Anger, and Confusion.

Increases Blood Flow and Slows the Heart Rate.

Provides a Sense of Calm, Peace, and Balance.

Sources: Psychology Today, The Mayo Clinic