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Transform Your Event with Inspiring Insights on Nature Informed Therapy

Dr. Schreiber-Pan and her Center for Nature Informed Therapy staff are the leading voice in Nature Informed Therapy, blending years of clinical expertise with groundbreaking research to offer transformative insights into mental health and wellness.


Taming The Anxious Brain with Nature in Mind

The Power of Nature Informed Mental

Climate Anxiety Image

Climate Anxiety and Eco-grief:

Navigating Our Emotional Landscape in a Changing World

Nurtured by Nature Image

Nurtured by Nature

Cultivating Children's Well-being Through Outdoor Connection

Nature Based Mental Health

Exploring the Healing Power of the Outdoors

Nature Informed Therapy

Integration of Nature into Counseling

Mental Health First Aid

Essential Skills for Outdoor Professionals and Organizations


Where Ecology and Theology Meet

"We arranged for Dr Heidi Schreiber-Pan to speak in our Munich office after reading her recent book, ‘Taming the Anxious Mind’, which we found lightweight but very readable, humorous and practical. Heidi is a wonderful speaker, knowledgeable, engaging and very caring about those she interacts and speaks with.  The session was well attended and the audience responded well to her heartfelt lecture which balanced scientific knowledge, real life examples and amusing anecdotes.  Most chose to wait at the end to be able to give their personal thanks, and we have since received a number of emails from patent examiners, lawyers and HR staff with further thanks and expressions of hope to see her again in the future."

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